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why high-speed rtm?

Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) is the most established state-of-the-art technology in the production of structural composite parts with high lightweight potential. RTM processes comprise various techniques for the manufacturing of parts based on net-shape preforms.

High-Speed RTM with fast-curing thermoset resin systems such as epoxy and polyurethane with curing times of less than 120 seconds allow for high volume production.


High-Speed RTM is characterized by:

broad selection of high-performance materials

Besides a variety of continuous fiber textiles – such as multi-axial fabrics or carbon and glass fiber, various customized resin systems exist – from epoxy to polyurethane, polyester and vinylester. The high fiber volume content allows outstanding mechanical properties for structural and safety-critical parts.

short cycle times

Highly reactive RTM resins with specific curing characteristics and the use of precise complementary process equipment allow for very short cycle times of less than three minutes.

high surface quality

Well-engineered mold equipment combined with adapted resin systems lead to very high surface qualities.

complex and large structures

Elaborated process control and advanced textile preforming technologies, combined with new mold technologies e.g. for inserts, cut-outs or the use of multiple materials enable complex and functionalized large structures.

automation and large-scale production

The good reproducibility of the RTM processes allows for mass production of complex structures. High-speed RTM processes are established in different automotive part productions, like engine hoods, roofs, spare wheel wells, deck lid inner shells or even whole passenger cabs.

Polyurethane-Carbon Fiber Composites Processed in HP-RTM © picture: Covestro AG
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Conbility GmbH

Process Design and Modelling | Process Simulation and Benchmarks | Process Costing | Consulting

Covestro Deutschland AG

Materials Database | Simulation | Design | Resins | Additives | Release Agents | Semi-finished Materials | Prototyping

Fagor Arrasate

Press Systems | Preforming | Automation | Process Simulation

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Simulation | Resins | Binders | Release Agents | Adhesives | Prototyping | Material Qualification

KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

Press Systems | Preforming | Tooling | Mixing and Dosing | Finishing and Assembly | Automation | Control| Plant Manufacturer | Prototyping | Process Consulting

Telene SAS

Resins | Joined Application Development | Structural Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites

we jointly work on r&d projects

As AZL Partner Companies, we work closely together as a workgroup on projects supporting the further development of high-speed RTM technology and its material systems to achieve a broad transfer to serial production.

high-speed rtm matrices | workgroup

We work on pre-competitive research and development questions such as the standardization of RTM material data sheets, the definition of needs for highly reactive material test methods and quality assurance possibilities in the RTM process.


Download the Workgroup Flyer here!

standardized material data sheet | workgroup project

Standardization is mandatory for industrialization. We are developing a uniform datasheet to be applied throughout the entire composite industry as a first selection tool. This data sheet will address highly reactive material systems such as epoxy, vinylester, polyurethanes and reactive polyamides.

After expert interviews and an evaluated survey with material suppliers, machine suppliers and designers as well as an analysis of existing data sheets and different test standards, a draft of a standardized material data sheet has been developed.

The AZL forms an international lightweight network of 9 institutes on the RWTH Aachen Campus and more than 80 companies from 21 countries involved in lightweight production. Learn more…

business platforms
your entry into mass production lightweight technologies

This business platform provides you with information on high-speed RTM as well as established suppliers and innovative development partners along the whole value chain. We are a group of leading companies active in RTM and thermoset composites with a broad experience and product range.

Find more lightweight business partners at our other business platforms.

Besides our individual services, we support you with:

  • Consulting and benchmarking
  • Market and technology studies
  • Project definition and management
  • Recommendation of business contacts
  • Funding recommendations

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meet us

7th Workgroup Meeting “High-Performance SMC”

The AZL Workgroup on HP SMC is addressing three work packages: Material Characterization, Design Guideline and Standards and Norms. At the next meeting, the joint work to build a dedicated data base for (HP) SMC will continue.The participation is exclusively for AZL partners and as an integral part of the AZL partnership free of charge.


6th Workgroup Meeting “Advanced Thermoset Production”

Since 2014, AZL Partner Companies have closely worked together in the established AZL Workgroup “High-Speed RTM Matrices”. The key area of the collaboration in the last eight meetings have been: The development of a Model Material Data Sheet (M-MDS) for RTM, set-up of a roadmap of structural thermoset parts as well as initiation of 5 public funded projects. The workgroup is now extended to include all relevant liquid composite molding technologies, prepreg technology, advanced pultrusion and more. The participation is exclusively for AZL partners and as an integral part of the AZL partnership free of charge.

MAR - 14 MAR

JEC World 2019, Paris

Meet us at the largest composites show in the world that covers the whole composites value chain from raw material to processors and final products. In cooperation with JEC Group, AZL, its Partner Institutes as well as Partner Companies are presenting innovative technologies in composite production as well as SMC. Visit us at Composites in Action – Hall 5A, D17.


AZL Annual Partner Meeting 2019

The strategic meeting of the AZL Partner Network will again bring together more than 120 participants of the other 80 AZL Partner Companies to define future activities, review projects and workgroups of the previous year and discuss composite trends. We will again offer the opportunity for speed dating presentations in which 10 companies can present their lightweight highlights.

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