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OPLYSIS® is a process costing tool to flexibly model, analyse and evaluate process chains for higher cost awareness and transparency, as well as the identification of optimization potentials regarding capacities, cycle times and cost drivers.

Design and Simulation

OPLYSIS® facilitates the stages of early process design phases in order to quickly build up process scenarios via drag and drop, roughly fill in first input parameters and continuously adjust process structure and parameters on the basis of the calculation and modelling results for the best production scenario.

Process Optimization and Consulting

OPLYSIS® helps to quickly model even complex processes in a very transparent manner, analyse the process structure regarding bottlenecks and cost drivers and continuously adapt newly analysed optimization potentials. The company internal database sharing and the open and flexible architecture of the software helps to collaboratively work together in order to realize the best process optimization.

Conbility‘s consulting services offer professional advisory for process design and simulation for every branch and in every product life cycle stage to enable cost awareness and transparency across all departments of the company.

Our Offer for High-Speed RTM

With OPLYSIS® the decisive beneficial outcome of the high-speed RTM can be underlined and directly compared to state-of-the-art technologies.

For example, the potential for energy savings by the reduction of the curing process times can be directly screened in detail and holistically related to the overall process performance. By comparing the traditional RTM to the high-speed RTM process, the direct impact of the curing starting during filling stage can be displayed and further analyzed for optimization and fine tuning potentials.

The cost intensive preform production can easily be modelled and analyzed concerning cost drivers by the single resources, such as machines, materials, workers or tools for more cost transparency as the basis for optimization potential. Variations of preforming processes can be quickly modelled and compared to each other to find out the most efficient preforming process.

OPLYSIS® is the perfect tool for internal discussions and presentations as well as for effective marketing argumentation with your customers to point out process related benefits for example of high-speed RTM.

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