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In the context of the current debates about carbon emissions and lightweight construction, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH, Munich, Germany, has pushed ahead with the development of high-pressure resin transfer molding (HD-RTM) in recent years, with the aim of producing fiber-reinforced parts in large quantities. High-pressure injection permits highly reactive resin systems to be processed. This reduces cycle times significantly compared to conventional RTM processes.

The HD-RTM variants by KraussMaffei presented here cover different parts and process requirements. With C-RTM, the relatively low cavity pressure reduces the investment costs for the press. Wet molding permits recycled fibers to be processed, leading to more efficient material usage. Parts produced by the T-RTM process consist of a thermoplastic matrix, and can therefore, e.g., be recycled or welded if necessary. The surface RTM process produces paintable surfaces and is particularly suitable for the production of visible fiber-reinforced components.

The variants presented here are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Over 80 HD-RTM machines by KraussMaffei are currently in use around the world.

Machinery and Tooling

  • KraussMaffei is providing all main technologies to manufacture plastic parts (Injection Molding, Reaction process machinery, Extrusion)
  • Reaction process machinery: Equipment for simple foam application with automation up to high end fiber reinforced parts .
  • Equipment: Mold carrier; molds; dosing systems; automation; robots; preforming; trimming solution


  • Prototyping: With one of the largest plastic tech center in the world, KM has the opportunity to produce any kind of prototypes in the RTM technology.

Process Optimization and Consulting

  • Out of the reason KM is offering all kind of production methods for plastics, KMs product managers also consult companies in new technologies.
  • With the installed global composite network, KM can support in all relevant disciplines (design, simulation, material selection, prototyping, etc.)
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Joint development of products with organo sheet suppliers, tool makers and OEMs, especially within the Automotive industry.

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