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High reactive, very low viscous DCPD resin for fast RTM and vacuum infusion.

Telene’s DCPD resin has excellent mechanical properties with glass fiber reinforcement:

  • High toughness and impact resistance
  • Good and predictable fatigue properties
  • Low resin density (1,03 kg/liter)
  • Good hot-wet properties
  • Low dielectric constant and loss factor

Telene’s DCPD resin is extreme low viscosity:

  • Less than 10 mPa.s at room temperature
  • Excellent wetting of reinforcement

Telene’s DCPD resin is highly reactive:

  • De-moulding in less than 2 minutes after start of injection


Telene has developed an extreme low viscosity DCPD resin for structural glass fiber reinforced plastics, which can be used in fast RTM processes, as well as in vacuum infusion processes. Due to the tunable reactivity of Telene’s DCPD resin (slow at room temperature for vacuum infusion and very fast at temperatures above 80°C), the resin has a wide field of application.

Glass fiber reinforced DCPD shows a very tough fracture behavior, which translates into high impact resistance, good and predictable fatigue properties and even “ground breaking”  ballistic protection when compared with state of the art performance resins like epoxies.

Telene is developing the DCPD resin in close partnership with composite producers and OEMs, and is open for cooperation in areas where the benefits of DCPD resin can be used, such as high series structural parts in automotive, pressure bottles/tanks, radomes and antenna covers, etc.

Apart from DCPD for fiber reinforced resins, Telene supplies a range of DCPD resin grades for Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) of non-fiber-reinforced parts.

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