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Henkel offers complementary solutions for Composites Manufacturing:

  1. Matrix resins of LOCTITE MAX series for fiber-reinforced components designed for RTM with glass or carbon fibers enabling short cycle times suitable for automotive mass production
  2. Compatible Binders for reliable preforming as well as internal and external release agents
  3. Tailored composites Adhesives for multi-substrate assemblies
  4. We offer HP-RTM prototpying test possibilities in our Composites Lab including material qualifications


Design and Simulation

  • CAE Material Data Cards for Simulations
  • FEA Analysis for Composite Components



  • Composites Matrix Resin, Binders and Release Agents
  • Composites Adhesives


Process Optimization and Consulting

  • HP-RTM Prototyping Test Center for Customer trials
  • Material Qualification of Comp
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Watch the Video about the Henkel Composites Lab here.

More information at www.composite-lab.com.

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Cooperations with part manufactures welcome to develop high performance composite parts produced with short cycle times as well as Henkel providing solutions for composite part assembly.

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